This is stenon

stenon was founded in order to enable every farmer to optimise the management of his land without being dependent on laboratories or other suppliers. Headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, we manufacture intelligent sensors and software and offer it as a system solution for agriculture. With our help, harvest results are increased and costs reduced


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CO-Founder & CTO

Background of 7+ years transdisciplinary research EXP within international projects under Fraunhofer, author and co-author of several publications and patents.

Awarded for the CERN Summer School Marie Curie scholarship. Experienced in government fundraising, innovation creation and Venture Development. 

Currently doing his Ph.D. in Sensor Development, Tec Advisory for Startups, Microsystem Technology Advisory Board Member at HTW Berlin and research consultant with Fraunhofer.

Dominic Roth

CO-Founder & CeO

Background in Lean-Management Consulting with cross-national projects in Germany, France and Switzerland in the Automotive-, Steel-, and Construction-Industry.

Experience working in and with various Startups. 

From 2017 to 2018, he worked in project management at the leading digitization consultancy in Europe, which was taken over by Ernst & Young in 2017.

He obtained his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the HTW Berlin.

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